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How Smoking Kills Intimacy and How to Prevent it from Crashing a Relationship People as we are, being involved in a number of things defines who we are and being into smoking right away portrays a personality that people least desires. Right off the bat, just before a smoker is to involve themselves into a relationship, they already are putting themselves into a risk, especially to a partner in a relationship, should their partner be not into smoking. Basically speaking, the overall idea of which is that smokers will then put their partners, who is non-smoker, at risk, considering that their partners are non-smokers in the first place. So the overall idea on how it will then end up is that a relationship with such setup will then basically lead to a number of problems and arguments in the long run, until the problem is put down. Generally, the overall possible end result that these couples can then choose from is that the arguments will be stopped when smoking is removed from the equation completely, however, there is a possibility that all these things can be saved without risking quitting smoking. To give you a heads up, we will be tackling not just about the possible risks of mixing smoking into a relationship but also a possible way for smokers to consider to save both their addiction to smoking and their treasured relationship at the same time.
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The very first thing that will then be at risk with being a smoker and being with a smoker is the fact that reproductive health will then be affected, reducing sperm count and quality at the same time. Furthermore, the hormone concentrations in men will be affected on a large scale as well. Alongside such is that these things can also lead to impotence and possible erectile dysfunction. On the flip side, women’s reproductive organs will also be affected, risking miscarriage and even giving birth to a child that is unhealthy on a general scale.
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Another possible thing why smoking kills intimacy is because of possible secondhand smoke, which, really is dangerous, especially to those who are at risk of such. Asthmatic patients will then get more attacks in the long run as well, not to mention that your future children will then be at risk, even before they are even born in the first place. For those who are in a relationship and have been having problems with smoking, electric cigarettes should help alleviate and save the relationship. The reason behind such is because of the fact that these are designed in a way to help smokers to be able to control their smoking habit in a more effective way possible, without risking the overall relationship.