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Frequently Asked Questions About Vaping & Electronic Cigarettes Are e-cigarettes safer than the traditional cigarettes? According to numerous experts, it’s much safer to use e-cigarettes than the classic ones based on multiple research and experimentation. Obviously, smoking has been the cause of numerous health problems and pose health risks to both the smokers themselves and those around them. One way to lessen the health risks a person is exposed to is to put down tobacco and start using e-cigarettes. How can nicotine affect a person’s health?
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The real problem with nicotine is that it’s highly addictive, it’s not the direct cause of any smoking-related disease despite popular belief. But there’s a popular misconception that you can actually overdose on the nicotine when you use e-cigarettes. No worries for your life when using e-cigarettes, there has not been a case where someone was poisoned because of the e-cigarette’s nicotine-containing fluid that the e-cigarettes vaporise; that fluid is known as the e-liquid. Bottom line, you can freely use your e-cigarette without any worry to help you manage any kind of nicotine withdrawal and other urges to grab a traditional cigarette.
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Do e-cigarettes give off harmful chemicals or actually blow up? There are a small number of studies that show e-cigarette vapour that contains chemicals which have the potential to harm someone’s health. As you know, almost every kind of study involves artificial conditions and no harm can be done if you properly use high quality e-cigarettes; don’t use an overheated e-cigarette, but regardless the e-cigarette is still the safer and healthier smoking option. E-cigarettes that are overheated produce an unpleasant and unwanted taste, so you as a user will immediate know when your e-cigarette is overheating; we highly recommend that you stop using it for a while and wait for it to cool down. Is smoking while vaping harmful to the health? There has not been a study or reported case where smoking tobacco alongside using e-cigarettes has caused serious health problems when compared to only smoking tobacco; since e-cigarettes are healthier for the user, vaping while smoking tobacco doesn’t mean it doubles the amount you smoke. Obviously, one of the greatest health goals is when a person stops smoking altogether, it’s seen as the best health contributor for a smoker so people are encouraged to stop smoking. There are those that have no problems switching from tobacco to vaping, but of course other may take a bit more time; it is a case to case basis anyway. It’s normal for a smoker to let go of their tobacco and try dozens of varying e-cigarettes and e-liquids before settling for one that they’re comfortable with.