Best waterfall in Bali

Falls Fantastic Secret Gardens of Sambangan
Yes, in a natural recreation area located in the Village area Sambangan, Singaraja in northern Bali, there are not just one, two, or three, but seven waterfalls, each of which has a beautiful and distinctive!

Seventh among other waterfalls Niagara Shoots, Twin Falls, Niagara-Aling Aling, Niagara canging, Niagara Kroja, Niagara Falls Dedari and Fir. To see everything, it takes about three hours trekking in the forest with views over the natural.
In each there is a pond with a waterfall mountain water is clean and clear, fitting for a brief rest unwind after a long journey. You can even adrenaline by jumping or sliding on some of the waterfall!
Secret Gardens of Sambangan
How to Get There: The closest Resort Sambangan is Lovina, and it is recommended that you spend the night here before trekking into the jungle. To get the best spots, it helps if you hire the services of a guide. From Lovina you can ask about package tour to Sambangan village, located about 20 minutes drive.
In one area which is quite lush and green in Nusa Penida there is a set of hills, which was nicknamed the Mount Teletubbies.
The name was derived because the glimpses here resembles the green hills of the residence of the television series characters are adorable children, Teletubbies.
The best time to visit Mount Teletubbies is on or after the rainy season, in when the grass and plants in these hills and verdant flourish thus covering the entire surface of the hill, just like the world’s Teletubbies.
Teletubbies hill, and if you want to visit here you can use bali international airport
How to get there: You can go to Nusa Penida island by boat or ferry from Sanur or Padang Bai harbor. Once there, you can reach it by renting a motorcycle. Julingan asked directions to the village, which is located at the southern tip of Nusa Penida.
Unlike the majority of the waterfalls in Bali have poured water from a vertical height, Niagara Peguyangan a spring that flows down the terraced slopes that are not too high before finally heading to sea.

Well, on the terraced slopes before heading to the sea you can enjoy a ‘natural spa’, and feel the sensation massaged by the water flowing through rock crevices and ledges that shallow.

To achieve these springs you had to walk down a fairly steep wall of the cliff. After about 460 steps, then you can see the view of the beautiful terraced water flow and refreshes them.