How to Improve Your Sex Life

Do you feel like everyone’s having better sex than you? Don’t be too quick to judge how well you’re doing, because the chances are many of the people you feel envious of are wishing they were having better sex too! The way you go about improving your sex life depends on what situation you’re in, but there are opportunities in everyone’s life for making sex more enjoyable and fulfilling.


If you’re single, you may be lamenting the lack of a sex life rather than its quality. The only way to change the situation is to find a new partner, but there are plenty of ways of getting together with someone. If you’re not looking for a relationship, try going onto specialist websites that provide a way for people to meet when they aren’t interested in anything serious or long-term. You’ll find there are sites for bringing older women and younger men together, for example, or people with the same sexual preferences.

An alternative to going down the dating route is hiring an escort. It’s simple and straightforward, and you know what you’re getting, so it could suit you if you don’t have the time or inclination to try the dating scene. There are high-class services available online where you can see the escorts and choose who you’d like to spend the evening with, for example, the Cheshire Companions website.


If you’re in a relationship and you’re not happy with your sex life, you need to discuss it with your partner. Nothing will get resolved unless you talk about how you feel and agree how to make things better. If you don’t get any joy from talking to your partner, maybe there’s more wrong with your relationship than you realized. It might be time to think seriously about where you’re heading and whether it’s worth carrying on, but don’t throw in the towel without doing your best to resolve your issues.

People who are perfect for each other and very much in love can still have disappointing sex, but that doesn’t mean the relationship’s a failure. You can often turn things around by talking and sharing, and showing each other what you like rather than leaving it up to fate or some mysterious (and non-existent) extrasensory skill. Sex is a complex combination of emotional and physical responses, and you can’t expect to be a fantastic lover without understanding both these fundamental elements.

If you’re dating but not committed, is that because you don’t feel strongly about the person you’re with? If so, it’s fairer all round to move on. If it’s because you have a fear of commitment, you need to work on your issues so you can make the most of being with the other person.

If you love someone, but things aren’t going well in bed, it’s up to you to find out why and do what you can to rectify the situation. If you’re single, go and find a mate or a partner to share with, and if you’re unsure, stop dithering and take some action. The bottom line is that you have control over how good your sex life is.