Late Night Erotica for Men on Secret Phone Chat Lines

Yes, it’s true. Late night erotic lines are a great option for men who may feel lonely from the lack of sex. Although some may boast of their masturbating skills, it’s a useless pastime for a real man. A real man wants to make love and not pleasure himself like frustrated a frustrated teenager! Some men, however, may not be able to abstain from self-pleasuring even when they are old, so the coolest cats opt for guided masturbation via late night erotic lines.

Late nightphone chat lines are usually available 24/7 and only cost a few cents per minute. Some lines even offer free trials (for convenience, you can find a few listed at Phone Sex Fantasia). A few minutes may not be enough time to get you to your happy place, so fear not, the men and women on these lines are ready to talk for as long as you need.

Are you confident to hold up all the canned passion and continue playing as long as it takes to penetrate her heart with true feelings? Well, take it from a good brother, buddy, for nothing really compares with that arrow stuck in the bleeding heart! The rest is just automatic, and falls in place eventually, without the mandatory nightfall, so to say.

You know you want her, but pleading to her really does not help in getting her respect. Stick to your true morals, especially with women, even when you are just chatting with a random voice over a paid call. The choice is personal though, how you approach a horny girl. The consequences or rewards are yours as well; so, pay attention to passion play.

Professional or personal? 

It is going to be a no-strings call, and she would stoop down and down, with her voice and moans. Are you afraid? Be a man, hold on to dignity all the time. It saves one from feeling low once the euphoria passes over. Of course, there is always the scope of making the next call. The phone fantasy lines are open all day and all night with hungry women willing to warm you up. It gets seriously hot, as anyone reading this post can easily figure out by visiting the service page.

Yeah, it is fully professional. The distance between the two phones keeps it that way actually. Otherwise, the call is probably going to be more intimate than your usual conversations with girlfriend or wife. (No offense meant to any women, really.Nothing is personal; it is business.) You pay her to allow her to take you for the ride in her moist world, and she is good at her job. Here is a secret tip: never ask personal details such as whether she has a boyfriend, is she married, or what is her real name! It is common sense that she would not reveal her identity.

She is there, serving her job, imagining you as her only dark lover in return of a payment. If you can keep up to the task, you may retrieve the full value of the call. Most men try to get off the phone within 10 to 20 minutes at the most, exhausted with ejaculation. It does not matter to her, for she had her platonic fill. You call again to find she is there for you over phone chat lines, in the darkness of a stranger’s alluring voice.