My New Online Dating Strategy

I’ve been using online dating on and off for several years, and have actually had some amazing relationships come from it.  However, over the past year I ran into a rut where I’d meet guys that seemed to have good profiles but weren’t really good guys that I got along with.


That is… until I tried a new strategy.  I went to and found an amazing psychic.  Now, before I go on a date (but after I’ve met someone online) I get my psychic’s advice first.  It’s led to some really great connections with guys that I otherwise may not have agreed to see.

My psychic specializes in Tarot Card readings and so now before I go on a date, I let the cards help me decide whether or not this person is right for me.  I must admit, I’m having fun with 3 different guys right now, and they’re all awesome in completely different ways.

The last guy took me on a first date to Olive Garden and then afterwards, took me out dancing at one of my favorite NYC nightclubs. We ended up having a really good time – it turned out to be an extraordinary evening!

Anyway, my online dating has gone from an abysmal experience to literally the best I’ve ever done, and I have my psychic advisor to thank.  If you’re interested in trying something new, I suggest you reach out and play around with your online dating by asking a psychic a question about your future dates as well.