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The Bad Effects of Smoking to Your Relationship Is smoking causing you a lot of problems in the intimacy between the two of you? Smokers and nonsmokers alike can narrate to you how it has caused a lot of problems in the intimacy they had with someone. A person who might have difficulties in giving up the habit could progress into a problematic life, which would possible make the quitting possible. Since smoking is causing you a lot of problems, ending the bad habit should be your goal. Night Rest
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Lovers of smokers are taken aback on the odor left by the cigarette on them when they lie beside them. Doing a shower will take away the strong odor of the cigarette however, there are instances when you just cannot do the it. Because the odor is everywhere, you are not happy with cuddling with your partner, who is a smoker. The problem here is that when there is no time to bond, you end up isolating each other.
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The clothes you wear and the home’s furniture Staying in a house that reeks with cigarette odor in the furniture and wearing clothes that reeks the same, is undesirable. Wearing clothes that smells like cigarettes is gross even if a former smoker has done so many times before. Bad effects of smoking to your health When you smoke, you are vulnerable to lung illnesses, heart illnesses, and other illnesses. In comparison, the smokers are more vulnerable than their nonsmoker counterparts to diseases. Your lover should be okay with looking after you, when your are sick, but at the end of the day it can be exhausting for him or her to look after you. Why not quit when you want to be healthy. Capacity to do sex When you smoke; you have lesser vigor for any activity. Imagine your partner losing his or her breath in your sexual activities because of the decreased energy. An almost nonexistent sex life is a beginning to an intimacy problem. Handling birth control methods In the usage of birth control pills, a woman should not smoke when she is beyond twenty-five years of age. The capacity of the birth control pill is minimized with smoking. Moreover, this can cause heart problems to the smoker. Taking that into consideration, smoking should be stopped if you want to keep yourself healthy. Your life time If the both of you want to be together for good, then you would surely wish for the time you will spend with each other to be long. The thing is, the complications of the smoking habit you have will surely prevent your wishes from happening. If you want your wishes to come true then stop smoking. For those of you who have a hard time on stopping on smoking, you can try electronic cigarettes which are safer for your health. Using an electronic cigarette is healthier.