Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s  New Launch

a). About The Believer’s Love World

The Believers LoveWorld headed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is also called the Christ Embassy Ministry. This is a denomination started in the youthful years of Pastor Chris, at the Ambrose University. It operates in over 50 countries and in major towns such as Nigeria-its main office, South Africa, Canada, and London. The church has held some grand crusades that attracted thousands of people. One of the crusades was the ‘Night of Bliss’ that was held in South Africa.

Christ Embassy is a known ministry with several television satellites.These television satellites include the newly launched LoveWorld the USA and the LoveWorld SAT among others. These networks broadcast their programs on a 24-hour program across the world. The church is dedicated to spreading the ministry, which it does through the many social media platforms. For instance, there is a Facebook page and Twitter account, where they can receive daily teachings.In addition, the members of the church receive daily devotional prayers and teachings through text messages. The ministry has invested not only in the television networks that air daily devotional prayers and teachings, but also a publishing firm called the LoveWorld Publishing Ministry. Through this ministry, lives have been transformed due to the various programs such as the healing, teaching, and preaching ministry.

b).The Head of Christ Embassy

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome started the ministerial work at a tender age, while still pursuing his education. He has been in the ministry for about 30 years. Chris Oyakhilome is among the richest pastors with Forbes records indicating his net wealth to be over 50 billion. Chris Oyakhilome engages in business such as real estates and schools like the International school ministry. A part of his wealth is used to help the needy in the society especially in Africa. African youths have benefited through his non-governmental organization that initiated an award for the Africa youths. In order to spread the gospel, he has collaborated with Pastor Benny to launch a new television network.

c).The Collaborator of LoveWorld Television

Pastor Benny Hinn is a famous televangelist and the head of the Benny Hinn School of Ministry. He has spent over 40 years in the ministry. In order to reach a wider audience, Pastor Benny uses the inspiration from God to write books that reach thousands. One of his popular books is ‘Good Morning’.

d).About LoveWorld USA

The launch of the television network in America-California sends great joy to the Americans and the Lover World ministry. Its’ an achievement as the mega church makes another launch to add to their other networks. This televising network will broadcast its programs online through spectrum network. These programs will broadcast from America to the entire world for 24 hours a day

e). Programs on the Love World Network

Its ability to entertain a different audience is one of its great qualities. This network will offer the entire family entertainment through children’s programs, music, and news bulletin.Additionally, crusades held by the two founders will be aired. Moreover, some world known televangelists will be in its programs. These televangelists include Apostle Maldonado.

f). Why the Launch?

This faith-based network is a manifestation of God’s work in progress. It’s going to bring hope and joy to the believers. The crusades held by the two pastors and televangelist will be aired here. Its main goal is to spread the ministry to the entire world.

With the launch of the Love World USA, the gospel will get to many and in various forms. This will have a great impact in our society to those who have lost hope.