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Effective Communication Tips for your Relationship In any relationship that is meant to last, communication stands as one of the pillars that hold it together, though many people discover that fact when it is too late. The tips highlighted next will be useful to you if it is your intention to keep the flame of your union burning for long. To numerous individuals in relationships, listening is always a problem. All they do is talk but never give their partners time to be heard. Since effective communication works in a two-way kind of manner, you should talk but also listen actively to what your significant other has to tell. Such a situation can only come about if you are a focused and objective listener who grasps and digests the points being put across. So, do not just listen subjectively and passively as you may get the distorted version of the message, which results in miscommunication. Always aim for clarity in your written or spoken communication unless your partner has mind reading abilities. That means that you should not assume that what you are putting across is obvious because your partner could be clueless about the subject matter under discussion. As much as actions are said to be louder, it is best to communicate through words, especially when angry, emotional, or happy if you want to be comprehensible.
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Some of the top killers of relationships are failure to communicate or silence. As much as you are mad about him or her, you need to take the initiative of extending an olive branch by sending birthday meme images and pictures to him or her. A move like that one will be taken as a willingness to compromise, leading to discussions that will reinstate your relationship.
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Make the use of “I” statements habitual when discussing sensitive matters or when expressing various emotions. Besides, your partner will not mistakenly assume that you are launching a personal attack on him or her. He or she will discover that you are putting across your feelings, and that will strengthen the relationship bonds significantly. Questions are always better than statements because they strengthen bonds, unlike the latter which tend to provoke anger. The use of statements suggests that you have your mind made up already and care less about the reality of a situation. Asking questions shows that you are interested in your partner and whatever is going on in his or her life. A man should learn about the questions to ask a girl, especially in new relationships because it is guys who usually make the first moves. Lastly, always be truthful in your communication. As much as you may speak one thing, your actions may mean something totally different. It is tough to be honest because you may want to avoid hurting his or her feelings, but it is important if you want your relationship to last.