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How to Choose a French Bulldog Breeder

Selecting a French Bulldog breeder is the most crucial step to can take before buying a French Bulldog puppy. A good breeder will act as your veterinary referral source, resource guide, mentor, and friend after the puppy eats your new shoes.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to find a French Bulldog breeder, but the pointers below should help you with your research and screening your prospects:

> Ask for a personal meeting with the breeder. A good breeder would love to meet with you as much as you’d want to meet with them. This first meeting could be at a dog show or any similar event, but when you talk about picking up your puppy, you WANT to actually visit the house of the breeder house in person. If a breeder won’t allow you, be very suspicious.

> Look for your puppy’s mom. If a breeder won’t let you meet the dam or the puppy’s mom, he might not be a breeder at all. Beware of the so-called “puppy brokers” or people whose puppies are imported from Europe and resold at ridiculously marked up prices. This practice usually results in frail and unhealthy puppies, or adults with bad temperaments. Why mom instead of dad? Because your pup’s sire, or father, will most probably not be living with the mom. The best dog – not the closest – will often be used by a good breeder.

> Healthy puppies come from tested parents! Ask your potential breeder what health tests their Frenchies have. These tests are commonly performed on a dog’s patella, spine, eyes, hips; more recently, breeders have been taking DNA tests for juvenile cataracts, which can lead to blindness.

> Showing or competing in a sport with their Frenchies is a sign that a breeder really cares for the dogs, and not only for producing puppies that can bring them money. A breeder who has a “show dog” is someone who has put in an investment in terms of money and time, making sure that the puppies are born of parents who are great examples of the breed.

> Be ready for questions. A good breeder will always want to know a LOT things about you – how many pets you have, what animals they are, where you live, how long your pets will be alone at home while you’re at work, etc. This is because they want the puppies to have the best home possible.

> Ask if the breeder is affiliated with any dog clubs. A good French Bulldog breeder will usually belong to at least one French Bulldog club, and maybe a few general dog clubs too.

> Don’t think cheaper is better. Good French Bulldog breeding is costly and time-consuming. Health exams, showing, stud services, quality vet care – these are but a few of the things breeders have to spend on. If a puppy is too cheap, surely, corners were cut in the process of raising it.
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