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Health Benefits of Yoga

You are already aware of some of the gains of yoga by now if you have been practicing it for some time. For instance, you may have noticed better sleep, a more relaxed body or fewer colds. However, for an amateur, these benefits need to be simplified for better understanding. When you clearly understand these benefits, it will push you to participate in yoga more passionately.

Boosts immunity

Yoga routines alter the body’s gene expression so that immunity is strengthened at cellular level. This is according to a recent Norwegian study that showed that this effect does not actually require long sessions of exercise. The participant begins to experience this while still on the mat. Yoga was found to be more helpful when compared with nature hiking and listening to soothing music. According to a different study, yoga boosts immunity through improving overall health. As participants breathe better, move about better, and blood circulates better, other body organs begin to function better.
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Relieves Migraines
Looking On The Bright Side of Yoga

Triggers of migraines may not be well known. A combination of mental stressors and physical misalignments has, however, been cited as the main cause by a number of practitioners. Other contributing factors are when you constantly bend over computers and phones with your head forward, you lift the shoulders in a way that lifts the trapezius and causes neck tightening. The muscle imbalances are considerable triggers for migraines or headaches. A number of participants said was reduced pain and fewer instances of migraines after practicing yoga for three months. There are yoga poses that are meant to alleviate this problem.

Enhanced sleep

Inadequate sleep poses significant health challenges. Inability to get enough sleep can be caused by stress, fatigue and health problems. Yoga has been helpful for people that are coping with sleep disorders, whatever the root cause of the problem. According to a study by Harvard, daily, yoga carried on for eight weeks considerably enhanced the quality of sleep for participants with insomnia. After cancer survivors practiced yoga in two sessions a week, another study recorded that there was evidence of improved sleep and less fatigue. Yoga is beneficial for dealing with stress and anxiety. The mental and respiratory exercises allow your mind to calm down and slow down.

Helps in weight loss

Yoga contributes to weight loss through its role in addressing an unhealthy diet. Unhealthy weight gain results from diet cravings that load our bodies with too much fats and carbohydrates. A University of Washington research linked yoga to mindful eating, a consciousness of bodily and emotional sensations that pertain to eating. Yoga enhances breath awareness, and practicing regularly helps in reinforcing the mind-body connection. The ability to understand your breath is important in regulating certain body cravings. Breathing exercises during yoga help the body slow down and greatly help us make wise decisions when cravings strike.