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What Are Binary Options?

It is in binary options that you will see a difference from the usual form of stocks. This form is very simple to understand. You will not be investing in particular company that is why it is different. The investors will put their money on different price fluctuations. If you will be able to bet correctly then you will get a sum of money. But if you will be incorrect with your bet, then all of your investment will be gone.

The digital option is the very first type. It is this type that is considered as the most popular and the simplest one. They are usually called up and down options. The investors will only have to select whether the prices will go up or down in a given period of time. Depending on the conditions, the time period may be as short as fifteen minutes or it will take the whole day. The investor will get a notification about the price result after the time period expires.

The next type is the touch option. Under this category are three types and these are the touch, no touch and double touch. There is a certain amount that the investor should reach in the touch category. In the no touch category, the investor will have to bet that the rice will go down in a certain level. It is in a double touch category that investors can bet in two situations. It is in this category that the investor will gain money regardless of the position of the price. The touch option can be purchased over the weekend and can be traded on the following week. Over the course of the week, the investors can use their investment to gain or lose money. The position of your investment over at the end of the trading day will determine your position.
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The next type is the sixty-second binary option. The digital option and this type are typically the same. What sets them apart is that investors will have to bet if the stocks will rise and fall within sixty seconds. Losing or gaining money can happen to investors in this short period of time.
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The boundary options are the next type. This will have to include investing in a particular investment. It should be that your price range should stay within a particular amount of time. You will be the one to choose the price range that you want. If in a particular time the price range will stay, then that is the time that the investor will win gain money. Depending on the investor, he can opt to go out of the predetermined time frame. Money will still be gained by the investor if the price will go out of range within a given period of time. It doesn’t matter if the prices will rise or fall.