Tips of Catholic Singles over 50

Are you a Catholic single over 50? As a Christian who’s playing the field dating, there are things that you have to consider. Do you want to date someone who has similar faith as you? In some cases, dating as a Christian could be hard. Ultimately, you need to look deep inside as well as ponder if your partner’s faith matters to you. For several Christians, it’s essential to look for somebody who’s also Christian as will. But, there are Christians who went out of their faith and have no issues about dating somebody with different beliefs including a different religion or as an atheist. There’s nothing wrong with such decisions because it’s just a personal preference. Yet, it would be great to know how you’ll feel on this subject.


If you are comfortable on dating somebody of any faith, it will give you a lot of options. You will be able to meet someone from anywhere and know more about them. Oftentimes, love will find you when you don’t expect it. A piece of advice for Catholic singles over 50 is not to search too hard.

Love comes at the right time and it can happen even without searching. Keep your mind open wherever you are and you must see everybody as a friend. If more comes of it, your wish to search for love will come true. Never assume that you have to do somewhere like a club to meet somebody or use some dating sites. While such dating sites aren’t always horrible, there are cases that these can help you find what you are looking for in the most convenient way.

For Catholic singles over 50 who want to meet other Christians, it’d be great to meet somebody at the church. If you will go to a church where you know everybody, get to know someone that you’ve seen a lot. Another way is to check out other places where Catholics usually hang out. You can find some great places online.


Given that you’ve already found somebody to go out on a date, there are several things you should bear in mind. During your date, you must be yourself. Don’t be clingy and act casual. No matter what your religion is, no one likes to pursue relationships with someone who seems so desperate. Never rush into some things.

If you’re a Catholic who decides to date outside your own faith, see to it that you are respectful. Never date someone with different faith, hoping that you will be able to change them. You have to take note that relationships involve loving a person who they really are and not being afraid for making sacrifices. Even though you date somebody with the same faith, that person will still have beliefs that are different from you. Take note that you can love somebody with various beliefs and there’s nothing wrong with it. Take some time to get to know anyone and have fun when you are dating.